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    2013 Digest DVD

    All the sample movies by May, 2013 are recorded. Two kinds, an insect and GTS. If you buy DVD, it will attach for nothing. DVD over 2hour (NTSC Only)
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    CRUSH and PRESS-2

    Many crayfishes are stepped on with 5-inch high-heeled shoe. A daughter wears Mule and boots and carries weight. DVD 63min
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    The woman who steps on and slaughters many crayfishes. DVD/55min
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    Insect Crush Online

    Insect crushing by 60kg GIRL. DVD 31min/NTSC
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    4inch heel strappy heel & 4.5inch heel pumps. DVD 31min / $50 / NTSC
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    Two women step on many insect. Their conversation is great! DVD 65min  16:9 NTSC ONLY
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     3.5inch heeld pumps & many bugs 35min / $40 / NTSC Only
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    insec crush of stiletto heels. DVD 37min NTSC ONLY
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    under the two heels

    Two women step on an insect. Many insects are crushed by high-heeled. High-heeled shoe of 4.5inch and 3.5inch heel. :DVD 50min(NTSC ONLY)
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    me and insect and heels

    tall women play to crush! boots&pumps for insect crush. DVD 51min $50 (NTSC ONLY)
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    The woman who looks for an insect at the roadside.Many insects step on CRUSH!DVD 40min /16:9 WIDE ONLY">SCREEN
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    “cricket Extermination-1” and “cricket Extermination-2” are united.Two DVDs were set one!Crush of the JAPANESE 90s.DVD 96min $40 (NTSC Only)
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    Cruel Girl-2

    Interesting crush. DVD 47min “NTSC ONLY”
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    CRUSH OF 80's

    Insect crush which imagined the fashion by around 1978-1984!Clothes, shoes, makeup are unified into the 70s-80s.The crush to walk, heel crush,are highlight full loads.The used heels are 1 pair of shoes each and a 4inch heel about the red and black of a metal heel 1are 5inch.Red vintage sandal to...
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    Red High Heel

    woman who wore high-heeled shoe steps on an insect.The “sandals” and “OpenToe pumps” of high-heeled shoe are worn.DVD 45min (NTSC Only)
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    S-DRIVE 2

    CAR crush & insect crush, and multi fetish in pumping and a 5speed MT car pedal.37min (NTSC only)
  • $ 45.00

    She is Cruel-4

    Two girl enjoy a crush.It gazes laughing at the insects stepped on and slaughtered. DVD 43min
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    40-year-old woman crushes an insect underfoot.The size 9 of the shoes, height are,in shoe crush,nylon feet crush more.DVD 45min
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    girl crush an insect by car!Passing, an insect are run over by the rough operation, and it is killed.Pedal pumping, insect crush by car, crush in the strappy heeled and the boots.DVD 33min
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    Search & Destroy

    girl search insect, and it is crushed underfoot.This is the CRUSH of the out door.DVD 30min
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